Sign up on Delicious or Pinboard, add links tagged wishlist, then point your browser (and your sugar daddy) to or See an example!


Tags like *, *** etc become ratings. Want ratings to go to three stars, or five, or ten? Just tag it that way.


Sort the list by highest rating or most recently added.

Filter by tags.

See only things with a tag (like book) or several (book+art), just like on Delicious. This can be used for things like per-event lists (wedding) , per-giver lists (parents), both (wedding+parents) or something else entirely.


Items are automatically thumbnailed by matching URLs to images for some popular sites, such as Amazon.

You can also set thumbnails manually: hover the item name to show the toolbar, then click the picture symbol.

Hover a thumbnail to show it enlarged; click a thumbnail to make the enlarged image stay put.

Clean titles.

Titles are cleaned up for some sites: Book (1234567890): Author: Books becomes Author - Book.